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July 16, 2012

Another great year with the Kindergartners, along with starting to work with the Jr. High students getting them ready for testing.  Will be a little easier this coming year as now I have some idea what to expect from them and them from me. Softball has consumed most of my time for the past 4 months, but a very welcome time as I learn more and more about the game and the differences in the age divisions and rules.  With all that, I have had only a little bit of time to devote to the studio and when I did I ended up over doing my right shoulder......so I am at a place of healing and going back to Drywall, Drywall, Drywall in the next couple of weeks!  Second layer is started, just a matter finishing it and I'll be ready for winter! 

July 25th, 2011

Wow...amazing a year has gone by since my last post. 

Kinder music was another successful year. 

I did get the gas and water line ran to the garage/studio for this winter.  Along with finishing the playroom for our basement

Now I'm in the process of getting the rigid fiberglass I need to start the studio flooring along with starting to run electric inside the studio.  Slow but steady forward! 

July 29th, 2010

The garage/studio construction has slowed up quite a bit during the past several months in order to pay some of the bills. 

But I can say that electric has been run to it and I'm right now in the process of getting gas over to it and a water line.

Trying to get things situated so I can work during the winter on the inside and not freeze to death!

At the same time we are trying to finish our basement, so evenings are also spent drywalling (fun, fun)





December 11th, 2009

After nine months garage/studio is under roof!

Siding is up, painted, doors and windows in.

Most insulation is in, just need electric, gas, water, walls, equipment....

Ha!  That's all.  

Seriously though it feels good to have come this far, there's a lot more to go and not much music is being made right now,

but it will all be worth it.  Patience.

January 7th, 2009

7 days = 7 new beginnings

I could get used to this!

Also, I haven't mentioned the ground breaking for a new garage/studio.

Building a new garage with upstairs full studio.

Concrete is poured for the foundation and pad......(Pics soon)

Now just waiting on the weather to get out there and start nailing.

DIY project....let's hope I've learned something over the years.

Fingers crossed!


January 1st, 2009

Blowing the dust off.

New Year = New Goals

Organizational Mode

Practice Mode

Writing Mode.

Nothing flashy. Nothing crazy.

Just slowly getting back to me.

Happy New Year!



December 19th, 2007

Happy holidays everyone!!

I hope that everyone can find time this season to sit down, relax, and just take in all the good that is around them.  Find time to live and not just survive!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


PS - I missed my six month goal...but good news!  12 new songs are in the bag and ready to record...soooo...next year will finally let them see the light of day!!  Can't wait!

PSS - Played 3 songs on WMOA 1490AM Radio tonight for the Christmas Zoo stuffed animal collection for kids.  GREAT cause!! They do a wonderful job of collecting animals and each year they collect more than the year before.....hundreds and hundreds of animals...it's awesome!


August 27th, 2007

        One thing is for sure...I definitely got lost there for a bit the first half of this year when I was teaching at the school.....Wow!  I found pics that needed updated ever since the computer was going wacky back the end of last year!


I am really sorry for all of you that have been looking for your pics from the past Songwriter events or Music On The Levee, but I do have them up now. 

On the music scene, I'm practicing up for the next Music On The Levee September 14th with Dave Chichester, John Radcliff, and Josh Buskirk.  I'm also trying to crack the code of Sonar 6 Pro with soft synths, rewiring, and changing the interface some.  Amazing how the music can get lost, but life is crazy!  Tunes are the next thing to update  on here....I still haven't missed my six month goal....

August 11th, 2007

        Hmmmmm....Let's see....I'm on my second vacation before school and hoping this one is more dominated by music then construction (like the last vaca) (Fingers cramped from still being crossed)

July 21st, 2007

       <blowing off the dust>    Wow.....Hello?  Is there anybody in here?  Yeah it's been a while.  Way too long, but I spent the last several months coaching t-ball, baseball, and teaching kindergarteners how to dance and sing.  It's been a great time!  It kept me away from actually sitting down and recording, but I have been able to write several new songs and get some rough demos done.  And this week, finally, I have a vacation, so (fingers crossed) I'm really hoping to start cleaning the ole music house and get several things done!   Like updating websites and getting in touch with those of you that I definitely have not forgotten.

        I'm off to a few songwriting workshops today - one for website and one for gigs.  I'll update on them later along with the Songwriter Invitational I played at last night with the reception that followed with Larry Groce and Gar Ragland.  It was a great time and some phenomenal songwriters and performers!

March 3rd, 2007

        I hope everyone had a great holiday season and have started off the New Year with a bang!  After Thanksgiving, I've basically been taking time off.  Although, I have been writing and compiling material for new songs and becoming quite overwhelmed by it all.  So I think it's time to stop compiling before I get lost in the mountain of written notes, mp3 demos, and notepad files, and start producing them.  Some of the working titles I have been working on and playing out are:  The Sunrise, Shine, and Time To Fly.  I have a 6 month goal I'm working on right now, we'll see how it goes.

        Another thing that's been happening is that I've been playing at the elementary school 2 days a week teaching kindergarteners songs, music concepts, and just having fun!  who knows, maybe I'll become a school teacher when I grow up.

        Last thing.....I had the really cool opportunity to go and see Rob Szabo perform in Parkersburg at The Blennerhassett Hotel in January.  It was put on by Todd Burge and Precision Productions and they did a great job with the whole evening.  Then the next day there was a songwriting workshop with Rob that was really good!  I've been trying to take in as much as I can of other songwriters and what they do to help my  own songwriting....it definitely helps....but I can't see ever being as good as the ones I've been listening too.....I'll keep trying though!

September 5th, 2006

        Very soon I just might be able to do a decent update.  Another new computer is here tomorrow so after getting it all setup (again!) I should be able to make some headway for this fall.....with updates, the site, music, you name it!  It's not always an easy road, but definitely interesting!   

April 7th, 2006

       Well it's been a while since I've updated, as most have you have noticed....sorry about that.....This time around it is due to computer problems!  They are great when they work and make things miserable when they don't.  Basically an all-in-one media center (with monitor as computer----which by the way I DO NOT recommend all-in-one media centers with monitor as the computer) I had everything on decided that the monitor wouldn't work....well that makes it hard to see what's going on while typing or viewing....especially since they are all tied in to one unit....so I had to back everything up and build a new computer from old spare parts....when I say old....I mean more than 5 yr old parts...so bare with me if this crashes in the middle too and I don't update for another seven years! Ha! ;-)

    There was a killer songwriternight at the Blennerhassett Hotel last Saturday night to open the patio.  If you ever get a chance to go to the patio the atmosphere is really cool!  Especially later at night with the downtown building skyline!  It's not a Columbus, Pittsburg, or Morgantown....but it is real close, but with no downtown noise!  And if you can catch a songwriternight put on by Todd (Burge) or Josh (Buskirk), live music makes it all the better! 

    On Wednesday of this past week I played at the Marietta Family YMCA for Week Of The Young Child for about 40 young kids and it was great!  Mayor Mike Mullen, Drums by Groove Works, and myself entertained the very well mannered 3-7 yr olds for about an hour and a half. 

    I have pictures from both gigs, but until I get a photo program working on this old hunk of junk, I can't get them posted.  As soon as I get them worked up I'll have them on in the Photos area.

    Also, I can't forget to keep everyone up to date on new music I'm writing.  I have several written, but I've only played out 3 that seem to be together enough to do, SHINE, TIME TO FLY, and THE SUNRISE.  Hopefully I can get the demos up for everyone to hear in the next few weeks.....in the mean time I'm plugging away at the other 25 songs I'm working on and we'll see how far I get.....Music on the Levee is in May and I would love to be able to add 7 or 8 more songs to the play list.  (Fingers crossed)

Till next time keep the rock rollin'!

February 9th, 2006

    Hope everyone's New Year is going well and that all resolutions are being met and exceeded....or at least attempted....or at least in the planning phase.....for next year.........I wanted to check in and shed some light on the January 27th performance at The Six Pence Pub in Parkersburg, WV. 

    The night started off with a group of the following songwriters (Todd Burge, John Lilly, Don Baker, Daron Baker, Chase Brady, John Radcliff, Dave Chichester, Dan Cunningham, Andy Tuck, Rick Jonas, Roger Rabalias, and myself) having dinner at the pub and hearing from NSAI member B.D. Holschuh about the organization.  Afterwards we played a song for the others and get any feedback the others had.  It was really cool to hear everyone's songs and all the different genres of music that were there that night.  Everything form country, to bluegrass, to rock, alternative, blues...you name it...it was really a cool experience hanging with this great group of people/musicians!

    After that we all took a turn performing a few songs in the bar portion of the Pub to a packed house!  Headlined and organized by Todd Burge, the place really enjoyed all the variety before them that night.  Todd and his undeniable signature sound, John Lilly and his Americana-country songs, Don Baker's melodic storytelling, Daron Baker's acoustic rock groove, Chase Brady's solid playing backed up by Todd on harmonica, John Radcliff's peppered alt/acoustic rock, Dave Chichester and his solid, down home songwriting, Dan Cunningham's bluegrass with a touch of any other style you can name mixed in, Andy Tuck (the greens) drew the crowd in with his acoustic songwriting charm, and Roger Rabalais with his western flavor soulful songs.  It was quite an incredible time listening to everyone and getting to share the stage with them!  Can't wait to do it again!  They all rocked and were mall really easy to get along with!  Definitely check them out at the links above and when I have time, I really want to get some samples up for everyone to check them out.

Until next time.....

December 18th, 2005

   Happy Holidays everyone!

    When I started this update I didn't realize how long I'd been away till I came to this page. Wow!  Sorry everyone!  I guess between the house, gigs, running here and there and trying to write new songs I let time get away from me!  So here is an update until next year.

Where to begin....Hmmmm?  Make sure to check out the new Gig Pics! Had to change things to make it easier to update.

    I performed for my last Music On The Levee for 2005 in September.  It went even better than the first one of the year!  Thanks to Roger Kalter and Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) for invite and sponsorship!

    On September 7th, I had the really cool opportunity to play the Todd Burge Songwriter Night at The Front Row in Parkersburg, WV with special guest Bill Hudson form Virginia.  The songwriter's for the night included Don Baker, Josh Buskirk, and myself for the first hour and a half.  Don Baker once again played a great set of "songs I wish I'd written"  Truly a solid songwriter.  Josh Buskirk spent the night filling our ears with his counterpoint 12 string and showing us another of his great talents, re-tuning a 12 String during a set for a song.  Takes guts!  Then Bill Hudson took the stage along with his sideman Al Coffey.  Between Bill's raw rhythm guitar and gruff vocals and Al's great complimentary backup music, it was truly a unique, powerful, honest performance!  I was very impressed!  And talking to them afterwards, I was really impressed with both of them as individuals besides performers.

    November marked the last Merchant and Artists walking tour for downtown Marietta, OH. I was lucky enough to perform at All Pro Nutrition again (Thanks to Rob Gilliand - owner) and had a Brrrrrrr cold time doing it!  Spent the night outside on the sidewalk in 30 degree weather. Fingers became stiff, but it was worth it!  There were several hundred people out that night and saw a lot of people I hadn't seen in years.

    That brings us up to December.  I was lucky enough to be asked to participate in Todd Burge's CD Release Party at the Blennerhassett Hotel in Parkersburg, WV on Friday the 9th.  16 songwriters were on hand to play and celebrate Todd's newest release "Hip About Time"  From 6-9pm 13 of us performed in the Blennerhassett Lounge to kick off the evening.  Josh Buskirk performing and hosting followed by Bill Thompson, Julie Zickefoose, Dan Cunningham, myself, Vinnie Mele, Dave Chichester, Chase Brady, RJ Cowdery, William Hutchens, Vic Fitzsimmons, Don Baker, John Walsh, and John Radcliff.

    Then it was upstairs for the sold out show with Billy Matheny, Michael Lipton, Larry Groce, and of course Todd Burge.

    It was an amazing evening of talent!   Truly surrounded by musicians from all over playing music from all genres.  What topped the evening though, was getting to hear Todd perform songs from his new CD.  After seeing Todd perform and hearing his music on the CD, I can say that BOTH are great experiences!  They build off of each other and compliment nicely!  While the CD shows his technical merit solid songwriting, his performances are where his personality and songs come alive! Thanks Todd for the invite that night, but even more thank you for the songs you write!

    As for what's ahead for me now.....I have a Pre-school performance this week that I always enjoy.  Kids rock especially during Christmas time!  Then it is back to writing full time again as I upgrade the studio computer and work toward another CD.  I'll keep you posted as I make headway on the project.  As for gigs, nothing in the works right now as I really want new songs to really get the gigs to the level they need to be.  There of course will be Merchant & Artists gigs next year and Music On The Levee is already asking for signups...so keep an eye on the dates section next year to keep up on what's going on....

FINALLY  THANK YOU!  To all of you that have taken the time to help support my music, CD, website, forum, heck even life!  The CD release of "Falling" was a HUGE success!!!!!  Thanks to you!  Have a great holiday season and I will see you back here in 2006!!!!



August 28th, 2005

   As always I'm lacking on the site here since I've been so busy at work and around the house.  But I wanted to let everyone know that  The Front Row this past Wednesday night kicked ass.  It was my first time (at least I thought it was) to hear John Walsh perform and man what a singer/songwriter he is!  Man!  I really enjoyed listening to him while were doing our round.  He has an honest, solid voice that really carries his remarkable songwriting and guitar playing!  Later I found out I had listened to him in George's Attic, a local band with a couple cds out.  Although I don't believe they are still together.  I'll check on that one and get back to you.

Also up on stage was John Radcliff playing his really cool acoustic rock/alternative/rad tunes!  That night, John was on!   Owning every song he played!  He totally rocked!  As always I REALLY enjoyed listening to him AND keeping him from tripping on his guitar cord.

Finally, the feature of the night was Bob Malone out of LA (orginally from New Jersey)  Piano/singer/songwriter/performer that totally showed the crowd what performing was all about!  With a case of the flu and a few quarts of meds in his system, Bob gave a hell of a show and encore.  I met him afterwards, and I must say he really is a cool guy!  I must also admit, that even after watching him perform that night, I didn't really grasp what I'd just saw until I listened to his Malone Alone Live CD.  A classic live album that is must for anyone that is tired of the same ole prettied up crap on CD mainstream.  Plus, I went back to his website and it brought on a whole new meaning after hearing and meeting him.  Definitely 2 thumbs up to Bob and if he catches this I want to say, "Bob, you're right.  When you close your eyes, they ARE all the same." Thanks for the music!

Pics from the evening will be up soon!

August 11th, 2005

    Wanted to let everyone know that the Aug. 12th Merchant/Artist gig I will not be playing this time and the Aug. 13th party was cancelled.  Hopefully Merchant /Artists will be going in the fall and I will be performing.  I'll keep you posted.


July 17th. 2005

    Wanted to update everyone on my last gig for Merchant & Artist Walk in downtown Marietta, OH this past July 8th.  For me, it was the best Merchant & Artist Walk yet!  I sold several CDs, met A LOT of new friends, AND once again THE KIDS ROCKED!  There are new photos posted from the evening to check out in the photos sectionAlso in July, I picked up a private party gig in August on the 13th and another Songwriter Night gig at The Front Row in Parkersburg, WV on Wednesday August 24th. Make sure to mark your calendars for the Songwriter Night at the Front Row cause featured artist for the night is Bob Malone!  A great songwriter from LA that will sure to be awesome!  Check out his website for music and background.

July 14th, 2005
    Time for a much needed update!  The summer is flying by so fast that I haven't even had time to update from last month with the Merchant Artist walk at The Marietta Wine Cellars and The Front Row Songwriter Night

    Since then I've even played another Merchant Artist walk (best one ever!) and have booked a private party for August.
Let's back up to June 10th for the 1st of 3 Marietta Merchant & Artist walks.  I set up at the Marietta Wine Cellars on Front Street (across from the Marietta Brewery) for the evening and had a great time!  There was a lot of wine and food tasted and I ended up selling several CDs and gaining 3 new fans under the age of 12.  Kids always rock!

    Next, let's move forward to June 22nd at the Front Row Songwriter Night hosted by Todd Burge, once again had some great talent!  Featured artists for the night were Chase Brady (with his storytelling/lyrical hooked songs) and Doug McBride (with his alternative acoustic rock songs)  Both play and sing with a conviction that draws you in for the entire ride. 

    Also, along with Chase and Doug, Dan Cunningham and myself played a songwriters round before the featured artists.  Todd sat in for Steve Ball (who couldn't make it) at first and then left the reigns for Dan and I.  It was the first time I had heard Dan Cunningham play and I have to admit I was quite amazed at his guitar playing and his style. Definitely based on bluegrass and Folk, there are plenty of hints in his playing of Ragtime, Calypso, Country, classical, along with Jazz and Country alternative.  If you ever get a chance you must check out Dan, Chase, and Doug.  They really know how to perform!

A little more in depth with the songwriters:

Dan Cunningham - Dan truly lives up to his "eclectic, not electric" phrase.  He is one of a handful of songwriters that can take you on a musical journey with his guitar playing alone!  Then add in his vocals and you get one grand ride!

Chase Brady - I've had the pleasure of hearing Chase before and this time, being featured artist, I was able to really hear how his songs play out!  A truly remarkable voice that compliments his Dixie, Bluegrass, Blues guitar playing!  He not only shines on stage, but also off.  He is a really cool person to talk with. Very genuine!

Doug McBride - Another that I have been fortunate enough to hear perform before!  As I've said before, Doug and I have a lot of similarities, but I must say that he has found a way to dig a lot deeper in his song lyrics and writing.  This night Doug was cut short by throat problems, but even with that, he put on a hell of a set!

Don't forget to check out the photo section for pics from the night!

June 29th, 2005 - Sorry for the delay in an update.  I need more time before I can give a full one but it will include June's gigs (Marietta Wine Cellars and The Front Row) and also some new additions to the website.  Stay tuned!

May 23rd, 2005 - MAJOR UPDATE!  Check Photos and My Story!!!!   I know, I know, I know.....update, update, update.......Sorry but I got swamped with T-ball games, gigs, and work, but I finally have this update ready and I think it is worth the wait.  GIG 1  I performed with some of the most talented musicians in the Ohio/West Virginia area on May 11th to help support Relay For Life.  Put together by Todd Burge and John Radcliff, they brought 12 songwriters together to help raise money for Relay.  Several hundred dollars was raised and many new friends were made also!!!!! As before, I was amazed at the talent Todd had brought together for evening.  Here is a brief overview of the evening's performances (don't forget plenty of pics in the photos section):

The first group went on at 8:30 pm and included the following songwriters: Dave Chichester, Roger Rabalais, "Smokestack" Betty Dotson, and myself.

Dave Chichester - My second time on stage with Dave and I have to say that I really do enjoy sharing stage with him!  His style is one of kind and his delivery and stage presence is classic.  It was great hearing some of the songs I'd heard before....Dave we need a recording, man!  

Roger Rabalais - This was my first time to hear or play with Roger and it was a real pleasure.  Before we played I asked him what kind of music he played and he said, something similar to Buffett, Waylon, and cowboys....and you know what?  He was dead on!  Here is a guy that that told us stories of the cowboys from the good ole days, like Doc Holliday and then turned around and had an original song that was very near Buffet and Pat Dailey. I really enjoyed hearing his music, something we don't have around this area.  By the way, he is a hell of a nice guy too.

"Smokestack" Betty Dotson -   To be honest, what could I say about Betty that hasn't already been said.  All I know is that I had the pleasure of sitting next to her for our round and hearing all her great tales of spiritual rendering right next to her.  Thank you Betty, it was totally my pleasure (and the audiences) and thank you for all your comments, I hope you like your CD and hope to buy some tunes from you sometime! By the way, glad to have you back on the scene.....Shhhhh don't tell anyone.

The second group went on at 10:00 pm and included: Don Baker, William Hutchens, John Radcliff, and Vic Fitzsimmons

Don Baker -Don was back at it again this night.  Singing his songs with that "you need to listen to this" voice.  A voice that tells the stories of his family and life so endearing and convincingly that he is a a favorite of all the songwriters there.

William Hutchens -  This guy, I could close my eyes and swear I was in an "Eddie andThe Cruisers" movie.  His distinct voice and rockable songwriting, make him a real ear opener.  Hisfirst song I wasn't sure it was his voice, but by his last song, I new it fit him well....both his writing and voice go well together.

John Radcliff - The man, the myth, the legend, the.....part organizer of the whole night.  John had been working on getting donations for Relay For Life in the area for few weeks and then he and Todd (Burge) put this night together and, well....I know it was a success!  Great job John!  Andas for his music....John blew me away more this time than before....he has a songwriting style that reminds me of Midnight Oil meets Vertical Horizon....and the voice is very close to Vertical.....Very catchy pop/rock/Alt songs that have as much power as emotion.  Just ask Amy if you need more proof.

Vic Fitzsimmons -Of course it wouldn't do any good to talk about my anus, so what about Your Anus? Or is it Uranus?  Wow, can't believe I said that (inside jock for those there that night)....Vic is a master of Vaudeville on the acoustic guitar.  He told stories and slapstick like no other I have ever heard....Enlightened once again.

The third group went on at 11:15 pm and included: Mike Anderson, Chase Brady, Doug McBride, and Josh Buskirk

Mike Anderson - Talk about stage presence. Mike Anderson is seasoned performer....Hell I don't know but he sure came off that way to me.  He definitely has the acoustic 3-4 chord going, like Buffett and also has the story tellers vibe with some great guitar work you don't find very often.

Chase Brady - To me Chase will always be know as the man that got a hell of sound out of instrument I thought could not even be played.....Sorry Chase I forget the guitar name, but you got great tone sound out of that thing once Todd found the feedback problem (or at least tamed it)  More of a Dixie, Bluegrass, Blues player, I loved the way he intertwined all the styles and made for some great songs/stories!

Doug McBride - Besides Doug's Ibanez, I found a lot of similarities between he and I.  More so in background and influences.  He is definitely based in writing rock/indie songs with the "hook".  It only takes one listen to know that Doug has his head on straight and knows what he is doing.    

Josh Buskirk - In order to say a few things different from last time, I first have to say Josh rocked!  andthat hisfeet never stopped moving!  Here was an artist so involved in his music/performance that his feet never stopped moving.  Especiallyduring the one song that he mentioned he had just finished on the car ride there that night.....The trick is, how does a guitarist finish writing a song while he is driving?  Hmmmmmm   He is definitely worth seeing!

As is everyone that played that night!  I can't stress enough, that when there is thatmuch music in one place, ESPECIALLY, in the Mid-Ohio Valley.....GO SEE IT!  It just doesn't happen around here and Todd Burge, the Front Row and this time John Radcliff brought here again.  Keep an eye out for all the above artists and as things progress,  I'll keep you updated on them.

 GIG 2 - Music On The Levee - Marietta, OH on the Ohio River Levee.

This was my first time to play Music On The Levee and I am very glad the Roger Kalter asked me. I have to admit, I was worried about playing my own music I'd written and that I might be too much rock for the audience, but I was soooooooo wrong!   There were 40-50 people the whole time and CDs and T-shirts were sold.  Adults and kids were out singing and dancing and I spent my time trying to make friends with the bees, so they'd let me play!  A great time and I can't wait to come back in September and do it again!  Thank you Roger!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST - Don't forget this is a major update!  Check out the new bio/My Story section - Gail Worley did the rocking on that and I really appreciate it!  If your ever needing writing services for promo with music or bio, or whatever, check out Gail at www.worleygig.com ALSO:  Check out the photos section.....There are TONS of new pics...everything from The Front Row to Music On The Levee...to new Promo and  Odds and Ends pics....By the way:   Danielle Gilliand shot the promo/odds and ends new pics.....She is so awesome!  Thank you Danielle!  You rock!

May 8th, 2005 - Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's out there!  Although everyday is your day, hopefully today stood out a little for you and your kids!

Also, keep in mind I will be performing this Wednesday night at The Front Row in Parkersburg, WV for Relay For Live hosted by Todd Burge. There will be songwriters in rounds (4 rounds at the moment) and I will be performing in the first one starting at 8:30pm.  It is for a great cause (RELAY FOR LIFE) and trust me, there will be a LOT of really fine musicians and songwriters there.  Make sure to come check it out!

Also, another reminder that I will be performing by myself at "Music On The Levee" starting at 7pm and going till 8:30pm  Located on the Ohio River Levee in Marietta, OH where Kreamy Kreations is on Greene St..  If you drive down by the Lafayette Hotel, you'll be sure to find it

May 6th, 2005 - "My Life" and "One Fire" just hit the Top Ten at Broadjam.com  for the beginning of May in the Rock - Indie/Lo-Fi Genre!!!  To check it out go to:

http://www.broadjam.com/topten/ click on the GENRE category, then the ROCK category, and then the INDIE/LO-FI category....

April 24th, 2005 - Been down several days due to sickness between myself and kids. Seems to be back on track now even though not 100% yet.  As some of you already know I've started writing for the next album and even had a few breakthroughs while I was sick.  If I can get the lyrics down, I'll try to play one of the new ones at the Music On the Levee performance in May.  But I'm not going to rush things to get it done...or I know i won't be happy with it.  Also going on, I was lucky enough to have Danielle Gilliand do some photo work with me a few weeks back and just got the pictures back.  We got a lot of good pics and I hope we get another chance to work together real soon! Thank you Danielle! You're awesome! After I go through all of them I will be posting real soon. So keep an eye out!

April 4th, 2005 - My performance for the YMCA "Week Of The Young Child" I had to cancel because I needed to take a "young child" of my own to the doctor for sore throat. Hopefully, I'll be able to reschedule with the kids soon. 

March 21st, 2005 - "What If" just hit the Top Ten at Broadjam.com (3rd place at the moment) for MARCH in the Rock - Indie/Lo-Fi Genre!!!  To check it out go to:

http://www.broadjam.com/topten/ click on the GENRE category, then the ROCK category, and then the INDIE/LO-FI category....

March 7th, 2005 - Don't know how long it will last, but "Stand Back" just hit the Top Ten at Broadjam.com (7th place at the moment) for MARCH in the Rock - Indie/Lo-Fi Genre!!!  To check it out go to:

http://www.broadjam.com/topten/ click on the GENRE category, then the ROCK category, and then the INDIE/LO-FI category....

March 5th, 2005 - Sorry for the delay in this update.  It is still Saturday, just a little later than I had planned.

Ok here we go......As you know, this past Wednesday I was part of a special Acoustic Wednesday at The Front Row in Parkersburg, WV where Todd Burge lined up several songwriters to play a Songwriter's In The Round night.  I must admit that I was very, VERY impressed with the whole setup! Never have I been in the same room with so many really good songwriters and enjoyed myself, along with learned a lot from each of them!  Everything from Country, Folk, Pop to Alternative, rock, blues, jazz, and a touch of classical and Americana included.....For most of the night I was pretty much speechless as I took in what was around me.  A lot of talent!  You may have heard of some of them, others you may not have (well you'll hear of them hear!)  But I definitely want to take a moment and tell you a little about each one of them...at least from my perspective and for most of them it was my first impression!

The first group went on at 9pm and included: Laura Serna, Dave Chichester, Josh Buskirk, and John Radcliff

Laura Serna - When I first walked in I saw she had a Martin Sigma and knew she couldn't be all that bad!  With a laid back style influenced by the blues and classical, Laura beleted out songs with great conviction in a bluesy/slightly classical style voice.  Her voice commanded the audience and she showed even more of her talent after the Rounds when she went solo with Mary Mary playing percussion.

Dave Chichester - Here is a man that tells it straight from the heart!  He sings it, plays it, and creates it all from within! He honored musicians and his own family along with showing us a part of him that only his wife had seen with a song that he had written for her for their wedding. A straight up guy that comes across with a great personality.

Josh Buskirk - Although Josh never has a story behind his music, something tells me that he has a lot going!  It seemed to me that he is mainly a composing guitarist.  Fluent on the 12 twelve string, I would love to see how he rips a 6 string up! And as for his comment on being a Tuba player, if he ever plays a tuba gig somewhere I would be first inline....especially if he plays a tuba half as well as the guitar, we are in for a tuba craze!

John Radcliff - The only one to stand to perform (too cool!)  John was a class act!  He not only wrote his songs from the heart he sang from the gut and had his whole body involved in a songwriter's performance that rivaled most top entertainers!  I really enjoyed his style and would love a chance to write or play with him again!

The second group went on at 10pm and included: myself, Don Baker, Aaron Whited, and Amanda Sams

Don Baker - Don sat off to my left when we were performing and I'm sure he was probably sick of me by the end of the night but he would play a song and I totally connected to what he was singing about (and every time I told him afterward.)  Whether it be about therecent floods or his girls growing up, he knew how to pull the heartstrings and make us feel his love forlife and family!

Aaron Whited - All I can say about Aaron is, if you get a chance to hear him playing out.....do it!  His songwriting, from what I heard, is based on punk, pop, alternative, rock, jazz, classical, waltz....you name it....I watched him on stage and he performed from the heart as his songs were written!  Sort of low key, like Kurt Cobain.....He mentioned a new CD coming out...If I find out about it I'll post it.

Amanda Sams - Here is one female that can write a song AND sing!  A voice that you just "can't" listen too!  It is so sultry and then BAMB!  she hits you with passion that only her high voice can do! Raw emotion pouring out of every note....I was so impressed by her music and voice that I was mesmerized the entire time I was on stage with her.....quite a talent!

Well that is the update.....I know I mentioned a little about all the songwriters....but I can't stress enough how good they ALL were!  I was very humbled by them and wish them much success in their efforts and if they ever get a chance to do this again or would like someone to sit in, I hope I get the chance!  Lara, Dave, Josh, John, Don, Aaron, Amanda - Thank you!

As for Todd Burge, I could go on and on and on about him and his talents as a songwriter and performer, but I think his website does a better job of showing him off!  A great talent that I am very excited to say, let me play his Taylor for the songwriter's Round!  I've worked with Todd on a few other occasions in recording and performing and every time he is top notch!  Thank you Todd for he opportunity and hope we can do it again sometime!!


March 2nd, 2005 - Just wanted to make everyone aware of the following gig: I will be performing in a songwriting round at The Front Row in Parkersburg, WV for Acoustic Wednesdays (hosted by Todd Burge)  the first round starts at 9pm and the 2nd starts at 10pm (I'll be in the later)  Afterwards is open Acoustic!  The following songwriters will be included in the rounds: 9pm - Josh Buskirk, Dave Chichester, Laura Serna, John Radcliff at 10pm - Don Baker, Aaron Whited, Amanda Sams, and myself.

February 20th, 2005 - Well here I sit here looking over the past week and I must say, WOW!  

First, I have to say THANK YOU to everyone that came out Thursday night to listen to the acoustic gig at The Showboat Becky Thatcher Lounge!   Scott warmed the crowd up with his stand up routine, Shana had things going smooth and made sure that everyone was happy,  Laura made sure no one went thirsty, Fred and Martha made sure the "Latitudes" were right while Janice just might be "insane" or was it Lee? Mark and Melissa made sure no one got out of line, and April came along to help me remember all the words!  Thanks to you and everyone else that made it out, including Mark from Z-ville and even the one guy from Columbus that wasn't real sure why he was there!

Also this past week, I booked a couple "Music On The Levee" Gigs for this Spring and Fall.  Roger Kalter of the Marietta Family YMCA asked and I accepted.  Check out the DATES section to see when I'll be playing.

Also, some of you have noticed that there have been a few changes to the website and forum (Hopefully for the best)  If you have any suggestions or comments drop me an e-mail I would love to hear from you.  Even if it is a broken link, let me know.....Thanks for everything!

February 13th, 2005 - Just a reminder that I will be playing at the Becky Thatcher Lounge in Marietta, OH this Thursday, February 17th from 7pm-10pm.  I plan on playing 2 sets and all the songs from the new album a some of my favorite cover songs. 

February 7th, 2005 - Not much going on, but I thought I would pass along that I added listening stations to Marietta College Bookstore - Folletts, Hawaiin Tans, The Coffee Connection, and The Workingman's Store.  That means if you'd like to hear the actual CD - Falling, stop by and just push play!  It's that easy!

Also, on a smaller note, there are some older pics that I added to the photo sections just because some people were asking for some specific ones.  The quality is rough, but you'll get the idea along with a little insight into my past!

February 1st, 2005 - Today was the first day for a CD display at the Marietta YMCA.  It is also the first display that I put a listening station with it (Listen before you buy).  The reaction has been GREAT so far!  Soooooo....I intend to put a listening station at those establishments that would like one and have room for one.  Stay tuned and I'll let you know where those will be!

Also, I found out today that I was on the ONN TV Channel (Ohio News Network  - TV channel 55 in Marietta) with a clip of one of my songs from the CD and pic last Tuesday, January 25th - 2005  Anyone catch it? 

January 12th, 2005 - In between floods, I managed to get in an interview with the Marietta Times for an article they are doing on my CD release!  Thanks to Kevin Pierson (writer), Tom Hrach (editor), and Mitch Casey (Photo) for a great experience!  Also, I can't forget Lisa Kehl for getting the pic of Kevin and myself, Thank you!   The article should be out in tomorrow's paper.

Also, since the Christmas season is over, 1490AM WMOA radio now has a track off the new CD in rotation and several people have e-mailed and called to let me know about it.  The track being played is IN MY EYES.  If you are interested in hearing it or would like to hear another track on the CD, make sure to call 740-373-1490  Thanks for all your support out there!  I really appreciate it and I promise to get those dates together when I'll be playing this year as soon as my equipment dries out!

January 6th, 2005 - Well it's happening again, but this time with better warning.   Flood waters have taken over the downtown Marietta, OH area and other low flood areas again.  And even with better warnings, many people will loose their homes, cars, and businesses.  Please keep them in your thoughts!

January 2nd, 2005! - Happy New Year!  Hope you had a great holiday season!  I did and I am looking forward to a great year!  Next few days I will be back to regular updates here and at the boards!

December 21st - Today was my one and only Christmas gig this season.  I played at the Marietta Family YMCA for a pre-school Christmas party!  3-4 year olds that know how to "PARTY"!  Once I had everyone laughing, I then broke out the Kazoos, there was no stopping us!  Thank you Y!

December 20th - Today was the Christmas Zoo interview on WMOA 1490AM radioMatt Pooler was the man behind the mic doing the interview and Dan Castelli was up at the station recording it.  Great job guys!  They even let me throw in a short version of "Silent Night" before heading out!  Thanks guys!  Hope we can do it again next year! 

December 16th - Talked with Dan Castelli today of 1490AM WMOA radio while he was putting out the word about the Christmas Zoo at First Settlement Restaurant.  (They take NEW donated stuffed animals then distribute them to local organizations that need them for Christmas.  A great cause!)  I will be hooking up with him at the Zoo on Monday Decemeber 20th, a little after 9am to talk about the new CD and spread a little Christmas cheer!   

December 15th - Welcome Third Street Music as a new distributor of the new CD.  Not only can you pick up the new CD at, you can also find a LARGE variety of guitars, acoustic, electric, beginners, and high end, all at prices you can't beat! Thanks Debbie  and Dave Martin!

Decmeber 13th - Welcome Hawaiian Tans to the growing number of businesses that are distributing the new CD!  Thank you so much for ALL the support over the past years!  Thanks April!

Also I wanted to mention, I spoke with Johnny Wharff of WMOA (1490AM) and WJAW radio on Friday and they have played a few tracks from the new CD!  Thanks John!  I don't know if requests are taken, but definitely give it a try!  740-373-1490

December 9th - Well I'm burning the candle at both ends again!  Between promotion, website, bulletin boards, Christmas, learning music, and on and on...things are getting a little crazy!  But good! 

New announcement:  For those wondering into the local food and beverage favorite, The Town House, make sure you check out the jukebox.  Mark Brock, put my FALLING CD in it....I haven't witnesses it...yet, but if your in, make sure you give it a spin!  Thanks Mark!

Also, I received some news on getting an article published in the local paper about the release.  It's not concrete yet, but if it goes through it will be out before Christmas!  I'll keep you posted.

Shop till you drop and never stop the Rock!

November 29th, 2004 - Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!  I know mine was great!  I ate for 3 days solid on the leftovers!  I love it!

If you haven't already, sign the guestbook and register at the bulletin board!  There is a lot of people viewing at the bulletin boards, but need more to register and post!  Stop by and add your thoughts!  There's a section for everyone! Plus, it's updated daily.  So you will be on top of the news as it happens!

The Sound Exchange in both Marietta, OH and Parkersburg, WV are selling the new CD, along with 2 more local business (scroll down for complete list) that are soon to be confirmed: The Computer Store of Marietta and Follett Bookstore (Marietta College)  Thanks to Dr. Bill Bauer for the last 2 locations along with possible radio play at the college and maybe, just maybe, a gig next year at The Gathering Place on the Marietta College campus.  Stay tuned and I'll let you know as soon as the schedule irons out!

November 12th, 2004 - Just finished up playing at All Pro Nutrition and I have to say, it was a good time!  The weather was cold, but the coffee was hot!  Thanks to Rob and Danielle Gilliand for a great spot to promote the CD and get my "feet wet" by playing out again!  It's been a while but things went smooth!  Thanks to Kori and Rush for stopping in and thanks to Brian and Kristy and the kids when I tackled them outside while playing!

November 11th, 2004 - Tomorrow is the Merchant/Artist walk downtown in Marietta and I will be performing at All Pro Nutrition from 6:30-8:30pm.  Anyone interested, come on down and check it out!  They make the best frozen and protein drinks in town!  And just to spice things up a bit, for those of you that stop by and make a purchase at All Pro, you will receive $2 off the new CD - Falling for that night only!  The best of both worlds!  It's like getting a FREE drink with a CD!  Just remember to mention you saw this ad on the website!  See you there!

November 7th, 2004 - Locations to purchase the new CD - FALLING- CLICK HERE

November 4th, 2004 - Today I entered 4 songs into the Great American Song Contest Here is the best part, I was in such a hurry to meet the deadline that I forget what songs I entered!  Can't wait to see the results just so I can find out what songs I entered!

October 28th, 2004 - The CD is now being sold, not only at ALL PRO NUTRITION on Front Street in Marietta (across from the Post Office), but also at The WORKINGMANSTORE on Putnam Street in Marietta!  So if you are out and about downtown Marietta, you can pick up a copy at these stores.  Though the price will $10 cash, there is no tax! 

Also, the promotional picture is done for press, reference, and publication.  It will make an appearance this weekend on the merchandise page along with T-Shirts.

October 20th, 2004 - New Promo pics are ready and can pick them up tomorrow.  That means that retail displays should be ready real soon.  I've spoke with Rob Gilliand again and I should have distribution with him by this weekend!  Him and I also spoke about Marietta's Merchant and Artist Fall walk that is scheduled.  If all goes well I should be setting up and playing a few songs at his store front on Front Street.  Stay tuned, I'll keep you updated!

October 12th, 2004  - First I want to let you know that i went live at www.cdbaby.com/iandecker and I talked with Rob Gilliand of ALL PRO NUTRITION in downtown Marietta and we are very excited to to have the CD available at his store very soon.  That will give people a place locally to buy it!  I will be working on the details this weekend and hope to get things rolling on Monday of next week.

October 4th, 2004 - All payment buttons are working great!  Any questions let me know, but all looks well and Paypal has made it even easier to make payments, you don't HAVE to be a member to use it! 

October 3rd, 2004 - Here we go!  The website is live today!  BUT the CD payment is not working correctly.  If you are interested in a CD, e-mail me and we can come up with either a secure credit card payment or a check payment.  Also, the photo section is not organized yet or complete but enjoy what is there!  And if you are interested, I would love for everyone to join in on he bulletin boards.  Everything from music, to food, to exercise and humor....you pick and and read or help out.  The more involvement the quicker it will grow!  It's an idea that I came up with after visiting Tim Wescott's Weights on the Website Forum.  Tim's a great guy and has built a great web community for anyone interested in getting in shape or weightlifting.  Well, back I go to figuring out the payment problem....plus plans for a Grand Opening website e-mail real soon!

October 2nd, 2004 - Past few days been working non-stop to get this website up and running smoothly!  Ha!  If it's not one things it's another...on the 19th of Sept. I was planning on having it up that week, now it's 2 weeks later and I'm still trying!   Ugh!  Also been getting things setup at www.CDBaby.com, www.soundclick.com, and www.garageband.com .  Busy, busy!  How about you?  Anything funny or exciting going on in your life that can help relieve the stress? Tell me about it.

September 20th, 2004 - Things musically are put on hold for this week while cleanup for after the flood takes place.  I, myself, was not flooded where I live, but many, MANY people, friends, and families I know were affected and lost anywhere from a little to everything!  It's unimaginable unless you see it or experience it first hand!  I hope you never experience it!  Please keep the families and business owners in your thoughts!

September 19th, 2004 Sunday - CDs showed up Friday during the big rain and flooding from hurricane Ivan.  Lost a few posters and retail displays to the water but other than that everything showed up looking very good! 

This weekend been working on getting the website together along with all the registration work for sales and copyrighting.  Wow!  There is ALOT of work behind putting a CD out....I had no idea!  But I love it! 

Also been checking out places that do music reviews and sites that can help promote.  If you are interested or have any good idea of where I can get some review action or website/CD promotion....PLEEEASE email me and let me know!  I would really appreciate it!

Gotta go for now and try to get this site up sometime this week.  Stay in touch and let me know what you think of the CD or website!


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